by Charles R. Swindoll Quality PB. cp= 1978, 86 Pages. published by Multnomah Press, USA, 1982, Click on back image to read overview by Charles Swindoll, noted author and communicator. He is nationally known through his literature and radio ministry. Good readable size print, spine tight,no marks. Book in Very Good Condition. We all need encouragement at times and this wonderful book will help.
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by Charles R. Swindoll, HB, cp= 1983, 213 Pages. published by Word Books, Waco, TX. Charles Swindoll, noted author and communicator. He is nationally known through his literature and radio ministry. "Book is about the value of Open Relationships. In a society where isolation and loneliness are epidemic, where our most initimate comment is a glib "Have a Nice Day," Charles R. Swindoll offers a refreshing and essential alternative. He turns his attention to one of the deepest needs of our time -the need for honest, meaningful relationships. He uses scripture and down-to-earth personal illustrations to show how we can begin to enjoy authentic fellowship with one another when we dare to put down our masks and pretenses and reach out to one another. Good readable size print, Book with dust jacket is in Excellent Condition.
A sermon by EVANGELIST WILL HOGG, 32 pages. Published by Living Water Press, Lubbock Texas. Paper Booklet 4 1/2" by 6". Inside the booklet is a tract about the Medal of St. Benedict with the date of March 21, 1951. This looks like a vintage collector's item. The sermon is very moving and graphic and touches your emotions. Although the name Will Hogg sounds familiar to me I could not find anything about him on the internet. I will keep looking and if I find something I will add it to this description. The booklet has wear and the cover is loose. The pages are secure and two page leaves have been cut out. There is pencil writing on the back. There is tanning of the pages. The print is a good readable size in bold black print. On the cover is printed; Home Address; 1556 North Parkway MEMPHIS, TENN. This vintage sermon deserves a place in a special library. I don't know its value. If you have information on Will Hogg I would appreciate hearing from you.
BY Harold S. Kushner PB cp=1981; 148 pages.size 4 1/4" by 6 7/8" Pub. Avon Books, a division of the Hearst Corporation. Acclaimed National Best Seller. "When the young die tragically and freak accidents reach out at random to destroy good people in their prime --why should we turn for comfort to the same God who makes it happen? Harold S. Kushner asked that universal question "Why?" for ten long years as he lived with the knowledge that his son was doomed by a disease so rare most people have never heard of it. Through his family's shared ordeal, this distinguished clergyman came to see God as he never had before -- a God who does weep with us, won't abandon us, and can fill the deepest needs of an anguished heart" There is an inscription written inside the front cover. No other marks. Spine is tight, Book is in Very Good condition. Classic and collectible best seller.
C5-1 A GLIMPSE OF FOREVER, A Guidposts Book, Edited by Phyllis Hobe
cp=2003, Guideposts N.Y.HB, 182 pgs.8.25X5.25 Near Mint. 
This book is one of the COMFORT FROM BEYOND SERIES. IT contains true stories of Heavenly Visions and Everlasting Love. There are 5 Chapters and 27 inspirational short stories. Chapters are THE PRESENCE OF LOVE; GOD'S WHISPERS; EXTRAORDINARY BLESSINGS; MESSAGES FROM AFAR AND TRUSTING HIM COMPLETELY. Good size print. Would make a wonderful gift for someone special.
by Billy Grahamcp=1965,Pub. Doubleday & Company, Inc.HB,267 pgs.
8.50"X5.50" Very Good condition. some wear to dust jacket, inscription on first page.
"This book is the heartfelt expression of the world-famous evangelist's concern over the world's despair; a Christian analysis of a world filled with riots, demonstrations, threats, wars, and rebellion against authority-divine as well as human. He seeks to answer the questions we all ask as we keep watching the unfolding crises of our times. World Aflame is frightening. It fully accepts the Biblical prophecy that the world as we know it will come to an end before a new world of peace and righteousness comes into being." A vintage best seller even more applicable to our time in history.
CBP-2 APPROACHING HOOFBEATS by Billy Graham cp=1983, Word Books Publishers, Waco, Texas HB..236 pgs,9.25X6.25Very Good, 12 chapter Illustrations; Former Library Book with pocket, no marks, spine tight.
"Dr Graham expounds on the Revelation of Jesus Christ to his servant John on the prison island of Patmos. "First he writes with Warning; Second with Hope; Third with Direction." Billy Graham is an evangelist, but in Approaching Hoofbeats he writes like a prophet. His warning is clear, his words ring with hope, his agenda is practical, helpful, and creative for the men, women, and young people who will read, understand and be transformed by this book."
CBP-3-TILL ARMAGEDDON by Billy Graham cp=1981
Special Crusade Edition, Billy Grahan EA, World Wide PB 224 pgs, 8X5.25 Very Good Condition. Some Page tanning, Former Library book with pocket, cover crease, pages clean. 
This book is a Perspective on Suffering. "Here is guidance from the world's foremost evangelist on God's plan for our future; what to expect and how to be ready for it. Dr. Graham's practical, hopeful approach deals with urgent themes: 16 chapters such as "The Coming Storm; Personal Armageddons; Who's in Charge of a World That Suffers?, What Do I Do With My Pain; The Suffering Savior; Death and How to Face It; After Armageddon: The Glory Ahead." This book is a help for those who are hurting now and in the future.
CBP-5 THE LATE GREAT PLANET EARTH by Hal Lindsey with C.C. Carlsoncp=1970, Fifteenth printing 1971 Zondervan Publishing HousePB 192 pgs,8X5.25Good used condition. Former Library Book with pocket and stamps, Pages clean, spine tight.
 "A penetrating look at incredible prophecies involving this (1970s) generation." In this world wide Best Seller, Hal Lindsey writes: "This is a book about prophecy-Bible prophecy. This is not a complex theological treatise but a direct account of the most thrilling, optimistic view of what the future could hold for any individual." There are 14 chapters with titles such as Future Tense 11; When Is a Prophet a Prophet? Israel, O Israel; Sheik to Sheik; The Future Fuehrer; World War III; Polishing the Crystal Ball." This book relates even more to the times we live in than it did in the 1970s.
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BY Don Anderson HB cp=1990; 246 pages. Pub. Loizeaux Brothers "The Glorius Victoy of the Resurrection." "Because of the cross, you and I can have our sins forgiven. Because of the Resurrection we can be assured of eternal life with Jesus Christ. Because He arose, we know that we too will rise again. The empty tomb gives us hope. We know that our lives are not futile. Our deaths are not final. This book confronts us with the reality of Christ's death and brings us face to face with his resurrection. It gives us another look at the true meaning of Easter and its significance in our lives.Book with DJ is in Excellent, like new, Condition.
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